Sonya Funaro smiling with radiant skinSold Locally in downtown Palmer, Alaska at NonEssentials
728 S. Alaska St., Palmer, Alaska 99645


Weekly Events

Free Facial Fridays 11-1pm

Saturday Tea and Afternoon Skincare Chat 1-3pm

At Just Botanicals we are committed to using only the finest organic (or wild-crafted) and ethically-sourced ingredients.   Our products are fresh and handcrafted, made locally. Just Botanicals encourages social responsibility, not just by using ethically-sourced ingredients, but by incorporating sustainability into our packaging,

I strive for continued education and research to provide well-evidenced, quality products.

In order to provide the best possible products, Just Botanicals is committed to continued education and research. Our mission includes educating the general public on the benefits of good healthy skin rituals and quality products for overall health and wellness. We encourage people to make their own products, using locally-sourced ingredients as much as possible. We believe that selecting nutritious skincare is just as important as selecting nutritious food.  To encourage this, Just Botanicals also has available, Skin Bar Socials, where I come into your home and demonstrate both how to make products, and how to use them.  Call now to book a Skin Bar Social!

We believe that self-care routines promote personal transformation and growth and they are highly encourage here at Just Botanicals.  The daily cleansing process is part of self-care and we offer a variety of products and equipment to support a healthy daily cleansing routine and other self-care activities!  Part of our mission to give back to the community includes workshops and presentations for pre-teens and teenagers to ensure that they value the process of self-care and becoming their best selves!