What the heck are Hydrosols anyway?

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Simply put, a hydrosol  (distillate, hydrolat) is the purified plant/flower water that an essential oil floats on top of, after distillation.   In fact, hydrosols were the original aromatherapy! They work beautifully as a medicine, in cooking, and, especially, in skincare. They are much like a super diluted essential oil, containing mostly the water-soluble components […]

Finding Innovative Solutions in Skincare Production and Packaging

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Finding Innovative Solutions in Skincare Production and Packaging Plastic Versus Glass Regarding the use of plastic versus glass in skincare packaging; there are pros and cons to both.  Plastic can leach into the environment. On the other hand, glass is heavier and leaves a larger carbon footprint when transported.  Even though glass seems to be […]

What is Sustainability Anyway?

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What is Sustainability Anyway? Terms & Trends It is mind-boggling the number of definitions that there are for culturally-relevant tag words.  These include such words as sustainability, natural and even organic!  It’s hard to stand by the use of these words, because they can mean so many things to so many different people.  Some entities […]

Waterless Skincare Routine

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Are you a professional Alaskan woman that also likes to get out into our gorgeous wilderness to play? My basic 3-piece skincare range is perfect for women like us!  Check out this short video I made demonstrating how this organic skincare works. I have created, and mostly stick to, a three piece vibrant aging regimen […]

The Value of Creating Space

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The faster I move in life, and the more I try to accomplish, the more I recognize the value of creating space to make room for self-discovery, clarity and inspiration.  I have started to do this in little ways, but this weekend I was given the words that describe it perfectly. I was at a […]

It Takes A Village

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 Why Handcrafted?  Because our children should be able to afford self-care routines too. In a previous blog, I introduced Project Dignity as the giving-back model for Just Botanicals. I talked about why I felt it was important and what inspired me to create it.  Now that I have jumped into workshop planning head first, the […]

Bespoke Skin Bar & Apothecary

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Greetings fellow sustainable skincare beauties! On Monday I will officially open the Just Botanical’s Bespoke Skin Bar & Apothecary! This is very exciting to me and I wanted to share with you some of the details that make this new venture so amazing! Firstly, lets get the basic details out of the way. The retail […]

Why is CLEAN important in Artisan Skin Care?

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Lets talk about the importance of CLEAN in an Artisan Skincare Lab and what this means for my Bespoke Skin Bar & Apothecary that is opening on January 29th in Palmer, Alaska. If you have a fear about using skincare that is made in someones home, that fear is not without justification! If the correct […]

Big Things Coming in 2018

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I am beyond excited to share my 2018 plans with all of you!  There is so much good to come and hope you will join me on this journey. If you don’t already know, part of the Just Botanical’s mission is to incorporate the giving-back business model. This means that a portion of the profit’s […]